The Laser Technology in the Classrooms

Everyone wants technology in the classroom to take teaching standard to the next level. Having advanced and sophisticated gadgets and equipments are really very much resourceful in the field of education. These not only help teachers to improvise the standard of their teaching but also help students to learn the subject in an interactive way.

Laser technology is highly in demand in classrooms and hence these days, you can find these hi-tech mechanics in every modern schools and colleges today!

Laser goggles

Laser goggles

Laser pointer is the perfect example to define its usefulness. With the help of a laser pointer, a teacher can point out a line that is written on the whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom. Unlike wooden pointer stick, with the laser pointer, teachers can get full freedom to walk around to any corner to denote their points! They certainly do not need to stand close to the whiteboard to state their points anymore!

Laser Modules

Laser Modules

Another example of a laser technology is a laser projector and this is what these days is used in the classrooms for demonstrating the topics.

Certainly to say, these two are the most sophisticated products that use laser diode, and laser module mechanism to satisfy the teaching needs and are the best recourses that a classroom ever could have!


The non-Traditional keyboard

Without a keyboard, whether it is a part of a laptop or a desktop, it could have been difficult for you to reach this article. Every day, almost all of us use a computer to do an array of things from composing email to processing a document or say, browsing the internet. Literally speaking, without a keyboard, it is impossible to use your computer for communicating with friends, family, and doing business work etc.

Well, you may have seen many traditional keyboards on the market, but today there are some sorts of non-Traditional keyboards are available, which though features the same functionality, but the way it allows you to communicate with your computer is quite interesting.

virtual laser keyboard

A Virtual Laser keyboard

You can say it is the gadget from the future. This technology use the a sensor chip called virtual interface processing core and a laser diode mechanism, which then helps the device to be working like a projection keyboard.

The best advantage of using a virtual laser keyboard is you can make any flat surface into an input device. In fact, there are not any mechanical moving parts at all. The device projects the image of the QWERTY keyboard onto the flat surface using the red diode laser, and allows a user to touch the surface covered by an image of a key in order to record subsequent keystroke.

virtual laser keyboard

This optical keyboard is truly an innovation in the field of computer products, which has become an alternative choice of conventional computer keyboard today.

Latest Gadgets that use Light Technology

The future is here. Things that were once thought of as impossible are now a part of evolving technology. Back in those days when the concept of lights into the gadgets was something that looked far future ideas, now that particular technology is being used in different products for sustainable development. Today, if you look around, you can find most of the gadgets are the part of such innovation. The innovation, which has successfully been implemented in latest gadgets today!

Unlike typical gadgets, the latest gadgets using lights are definitely worth a look, after all these are more promising in consumer’s electronics, medical, even for pure entertainment value. If you are really curious to learn more about these cool gadgets then follow the reading from below.

Green Line Laser Module

Promising gadgets –

Laser Keyboard-

A laser keyboard is a projection keyboard, which can be projected on any surface. When a user touches the surface covered by an image of a key, the device or the gadget records the subsequent keystroke. It is all-in-all is something like optical virtual keyboard, which optically identifies and studies motion of the human hand and interprets them as actions on physically non-existent input device. Well, this technology might surprise you, but thanks to various sophisticated equipments and laser module technology, all this possible today.

A laser keyboard has a light source within the device, because without it, the existence of virtual keyboard could have been impossible. The light source typically used is a red laser module which, however, you can find in bar code reader and laser pointers devices too.

High Green Laser Module

Photochemical Tissue Bonding with Green Laser Module –

It is a light-activated technique (uses a green laser module) that facilitates sealing between tissue surfaces. Sealing with photochemical tissue bonding improves regeneration and subsequently helps in nerve repair.

Light peak –

Another advanced gadget uses the light technology is called light peak. It was developed by the Intel corporation for faster data transfer between two gadgets. It utilizes a new high speed optical cable for transferring data by using light instead of electricity.

Laser Diode

So friend, these are few details about the new gadgets, which are using the laser technology. You can find even more gadgets like this around you. So if you want to learn more about the laser diode and its involvement in latest devices, you can always carry your search over Google to find answers and learn more about these light products.

Details of Laser Diodes

In these days laser diodes have many uses in the fields like telecommunications, military applications and medicine. This is somewhat similar to light emitting diode as it has semiconductor as its active medium.

The technology of laser diode has changed quickly from the early 60s. We can define Laser Diode for sale as a semiconductor device that emits waves when power runs through them. These have external and internal feedback cavities that are used to trigger laser action. The available colors are blue, blue-violet and green to red. The act of using of the laser diode depends upon the position on the spectrum light as well as its wavelength.

Laser Module


Laser diodes are the most common type of laser. However, they are very small in size. They are used in barcode readers, optical mice, laser pointers, fiber optics and medical equipment. The laser diodes used in laser printers, laser pointers, CD planners and bar code scanner are of similar types. However the large ones are used in many defense applications. The pulsed laser range-finders used in military tanks produces a powerful light that can destroy rockets, land mines and other ordinances. It has also many benefits in the medical industry. The cosmetic applications such as intense pulsed light for age spot, hair removal, wrinkle removal has become possible for this.

Though these are not risky like solid or gas state lasers, still they should be used with care. The laser diodes are put up inside the unit. They are not meant to be seen. Laser pointers are highly visible and have a higher output. These may cause headaches, visual distraction if not properly used. These are small and useful. They are increasingly powerful these days. Just be aware when using this and avoid the enticement to look at it or change it anyway.

Green Laser Module

The difference between red and green laser is the wavelength of the beam. They have various wavelengths. In case of green laser, the process of creating laser beam is very difficult in comparison to red ones.A Green laser module can be built in many ways. These are quite complicated in comparison to red lasers. Instead of this, now they are made as well as sold with much less price.

There are many manufacturers of custom designed laser diode modules. These are mainly used in military, medical, biotechnology and other high-end fields. There are manufacturers that make the greatest efforts to conserve energy and resources while manufacturing the products.

How Laser Module/ Diode Works

You may have used Laser Diode (also called as semiconductor diode) in your everyday events without even knowing how it actually works. From CD to DVD players, even all Laser printers, barcode readers etc use Laser module/ diode technology. Since from its invention (in 1962), it has been used in several commercial, industrial, even in scientific applications.

What is Laser Diode?

It is well known as semiconductor diode and injection diode. It is an electric component emits lights. Some of the types of diodes are LEDs, voltage regulation diodes, Zener diode, photo diode, PIN diode etc.

Laser Diode

Basically, a laser module/ diode is similar to LEDs, they both are smaller in size, emit lights. However, the only disparity is the laser diode’s light is brighter and powerful. Unlike diode, LEDs produce incoherent light that is unorganized and diffused light.

The characteristics of light produced by laser are:

  • It emits a single color light.
  • It has more consistency
  • The ray of the light is sturdy and tight

How it works: –

The laser has a terminal at one side that collects power from an energy source. The power enters the terminal, charges the positive end, and collides with the holes in the negative end, which eventually result the free of energy in form of lights.

All the lights produced come through a semiconductor layers are restricted within a narrow tunnel with mirrors at the end, which works as a waveguide. As photons bounce in the tunnel, it collides with the other charged electrons, which results emitting beams in a wide or cone-shaped manner.

 Laser Diode Product

Laser diode has a converge lens, which bends the beam turning it into very strong and tight ray.

As already said, laser diode is very small in size; hence, its power is relatively low. Making it dealing with all consumers’ electronic equipments to generate higher power, a group of diodes is used.

Its Uses :-

Laser Modules / Diodes are used in CD/DVD players. Various companies like Sony, Panasonic and other manufacturing companies use laser diodes.

Laser diodes use one color, which is red. However, with the advanced technology, now it can create green and blue beams too. The blue-ray discs use this new technique.

So friend, this is all about laser module/ diode. As you have learned what laser diode is and how it works, next time you employ a laser pointer, watch a movie on your DVD / CD player, or purchase an item with a barcode, you would know laser module/ diode is at work.